Massage Services - Excelsior, MN

Massage in Excelsior

We provide a number of massage options including:

Myofascial Release Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Neuromuscular Massage
Swedish Massage

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Life Coaching Excelsior MN


We specialize in:

Body Centered Therapy
Trauma Touch Therapy
Life Coaching

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We want to provide you with ANY answers that you need concerning our services including:


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We provide individual specialized sessions to meet your needs, using bodywork, coaching, healing touch/energy work, or a mix of these modalities.

We will partner with you to design sessions that work for you.  We assist in you connecting to yourself and healing through your body/mind.

At Center for Life Design, LLC

you can begin to explore the connection between your body and mind in ways that unlock and connect you to your greatest possibilities…through therapeutic massage/bodywork, healing touch and mindful coaching.

Massage - Excelsior, MNWhat do you want for your life?
How connected are you to yourself and others?
What is the meaning of it all?
And what does your body have to do with anything?

Our minds and bodies are interconnected.
What we think affects our bodies, and how our bodies feel affect our minds.
People are inter-connected in a ripple affect–
I affect you and you affect me.

Life demands…
that we participate with things as they occur,
to expect surprise,
to honor the mystery,
and to see what emerges.

For the best massage in the Excelsior, MN area, give us a call today at: 612-270-6323