Wow, one never knows what is in store for them on this journey called life. Just when you think you have it figured out, life throws you a big curve. In my case, the curve is a health crisis, not mine, but my partners. I had mine already and am now better, thank you God. Mine occurred just as the economy was having it’s health crisis, timing is everything. I guess my life plan was to recover so I would be healthy to care for my partner and the family. Not sure I wanted this challenge, however I have it and I am finding that I am well equipped for it actually. I have many friends that are there to help and will make things happen if needed. We are covered in prayer and ready for the fight before us. It really is all about your attitude, and how you handle things.

As a friend wrote recently: The things you cannot change, change you.
Another one: When you don’t have a song in your heart, sing anyway.

So for now, I will keep answering the phone and opening the mail. Doing the thing that is before me, and being grateful that I can.