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“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

H. Jackson Brown

About the Therapist

Roxann Keys has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2003, working in both a clinic and private practice clinic. Roxann has done extensive and specialized study and training in the area of Trauma Care and the body and has studied with Jame Wasleski in Orthopedic/Integrated manual therapy. Each session is specific and specialized to each individual to meet the needs of that individual on that day and to bring the body back into natural balance when treating injuries; old or new and chronic pain, car accidents, everyday stress, and other traumas. As a social worker for many years, working with many traumatic issues she understands the connection to the body and the need for healthy positive touch in our lives. 


Roxann Keyes


Roxann assists clients by enhancing their overall well-being and bringing balance to their lives. In order to really heal, she takes a holistic approach and addresses both mind and body issues and explores the interrelationships.

All therapy modalities rely heavily on client-therapist interaction including verbal and non-verbal elements. She encourages all her clients to be personally responsible for their improvement.

Education & Training

Somatic Experiencing Practioner – supported, hands-on techniques and dialogue to help build sensory awareness and reduce trauma symptoms. 

Hakomi Graduate – trained in the Hakomi Method of Somatic Mindfulness and Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Ontological Life Coach – Ideal Coaching

  • The coaching program, along with my experience as a social worker, allows me to work with people in meeting their life goals.I

Certified Massage Therapist – Colorado School of Healing Arts

  • 700 hours of massage training
  • 100 hours of advanced massage training

Certified Trauma Touch Therapist – Colorado School  of Healing Arts

  • 100 hours in Trauma Touch

Masters  in Business Management – Cardinal Stritch

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – St. Cloud State University

Roxann is an amazing massage therapist. She has a unique understanding of how the mind and body are connected, and a wide rang of techniques to relieve physical tension and pain. She has a client-centered approach, allowing clients to tailor a session to their particular needs, and a commitment to continued learning in her field.
Amy K.

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COVID-19 Information & Liability Waiver

COVID-19 Information

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