Bags and the Body

Welcome to back to school time!   Did you know that the average  students back pack weighs 18.4lbs, and can weigh up to 30 lbs?! My purse weighs 4 lbs, my networking bag weighs 8lbs and my massage bag weighs 20lbs. So, why are you taking about bags and the what does that have to do with the body? Glad you asked. If you are like me, I put ALL those bags on one shoulder! That is 32lbs of stuff on one shoulder!!  That weight, then pulls my body to that side and in order to keep those bags on that shoulder, I need to shift the rest of my body posture around, throw a hip out, side bend my back, head tilts then so I can see straight, you get the picture. My body compensates for the extra weight on one side. This in turn creates muscles on one side of my body that get over stretched and others that are tight. I don’t switch sides, so now I have developed a chronic pattern. So what do we do? Great question! First, clean out all the bags so you can travel light, then switch sides when carrying them. Getting a massage can help you to balance the muscles, relieve stiffness and soreness and keep doing what you are doing!

Have a healthy week everyone!