Good afternoon, so after I posted yesterday, I thought about more what it meant to be a beginner.  What does that mean? What thoughts arise about being a beginner? How does it feel to be a beginner? Am I comfortable with being a beginner? What do I feel in my body when I’m a beginner?

Being a beginner is different for each of us. For me it means that I get to make mistakes, it means that I am not so sure about what I am doing and get to learn as I go. I have learned that I don’t mind being a beginner at some things like this, and other things I dislike being a beginner at, like a massage modality, there I wan to be as good as the instructor right away. My body feels comfortable when I am ok being a beginner, when I don’t like being a beginner, my body feels tight and tense, I get frustrated, short tempered.. you get the picture.

Ask yourself the above questions, what is your experience of being a beginner? What can you learn from being a beginner and apply to your life.

What I do know is that we are all beginners at things all through our lives, just because we are adults, does not mean we stop learning and get it all right all the time. So here is to learning new things and being beginners. Lets enjoy the ride together.