Body Centered Therapy/Trauma Touch Therapy™- $1,500 for 10 sessions, once a week.

Life Coaching – $4,500 for 12 sessions, 2x month for 6 months.

Life CoachingBody Centered Therapy- This service is about connecting and integrating the body and mind. Roxann uses the body’s information in the process for a deeper understanding of you. If we hold awareness of the whole system, as we study the part or problem, and understand the part in its relationship to the whole, profound new insights become available. The task is to evoke all our senses, not just the mind. When we can dwell in the multi-level simultaneously then we can let our senses lead us to new ways of comprehending.

Trauma Touch Therapy ™was developed to address the needs of individuals affected by trauma, and abuse, including sexual and emotional abuse, battering, trauma of war, surgery, or criminal violence to name a few.

Both Body Centered Therapy and Trauma Touch Therapy ™ focus on empowering the individual all along the way, and using a combination of therapeutic movement, breath work, with psycho therapeutic elements to bring the body and mind together in a holistic way to promote healing.

Life Coaching is dynamic, purposeful and explores the infinite possibilities, moving beyond effective action to effective living. As a Coach, Roxann will assist and facilitate finding your own answers to achieve success and open up new opportunities. She will help you determine what matters most. We need each other to test out ideas, to share what we are learning, to help us see in new ways and listen to and challenge our stories. As a Coach, Roxann is there to trust with your dream, to offer hope when you have lost your own and provide feedback. Roxann has been trained in Ontological Life Coaching that studies the nature of being. She studies your thinking, language and practices to determine behavioral patterns, from there new ways of thinking and speaking and new practices are developed to produce the desired results.

To speak with Roxann about Life Coaching or to schedule an appointment, please call 612-270-6323 today.