It is two months in, almost three, into the new year. So 2010 is officially done and we are well into 2011. The beginning of each year is often a time to reflect, to evaluate where we have been and where we would like to go. It is a time to set goals, both personally and professionally, mentally and spiritually.  As I sit and reflect, I am awestruck at  the past year and find that I have much to be grateful for this year.

I want to thank and celebrate all of the people who have touched me over the past year. Some have been my teachers, some my guides, some have been my clients, my friends, family and some I don’t know at all, but know through friends, the news, etc. ALL have inspired me to BE better. All have supported me in some way and joined me in my journey.  I am most grateful of those who have shared their journey with me, and allowed me to be a part, it is truly an honor.

I am grateful to all of you and the part you have played in my life, professionally and personally and the support you have given to all areas of my life. Whether you have been a part of my life for a short time or many years, you are all important, loved and cherished.

I look forward to what this year will bring, the challenges, the lessons, the celebrations. I look forward to being on this life journey with all of you and continue to have an open heart to the future.

I am especially grateful for my health right now. In December, a friend of 24 plus years, let me know she has breast cancer. Thud, not something you ever want to hear. So, I wondered, how could I help her, how could I respect her journey and yet be a part? I found out that she would have a rather large amount of unpaid medical bills, a fundraiser….and so starts our journey together. I will be going bald for breast cancer.  Once I thought of this idea, I have not looked back, not questioned it, it just feels right. I am even looking forward to not having all this hair, even though I do like it right now. (if you are so moved to pass along, please do, or make a donation, please do. Thank you!)

Hearing my friend is ill, reminds me how precious our health is, and how valuable and important our relationships are. When was the last time you let your friends know how much you appreciated then, how loved they are? I don’ t think we say that enough! Maybe we do to our families, even there we can do more.  Hear words of gratitude for friendship can turn a bad day around. It is so easy to say.  Lets start today, don’t wait, tell the people you value, that you value them. You never know what will happen next, what the future holds.

My wish for all of you, as we continue into this great new year, is that you have an open and grateful heart, and that you feel blessed for all that you do have. I wish for you health, support and joy.