Today I am full of questions regarding self care. How do you define self care or care of self?  Do you do care of self? What kinds of things do you do for care of self?

What I have heard people do for care of self are things like: Go to happy hour with friends, drink alcohol, eat, watch T.V., go for a motorcycle ride, out on the boat, exercise, sleep, retail therapy.  When you are in pain, do most of you take a pain reliever, like Advil, or something stronger by prescription? When you are in emotional pain, do you take a prescription from your doctor for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep aids,  etc?  When you are stressed out do you get crabby and yell at your kids, or other loved ones? Do you hide at home? DO you turn into a workaholic? Do you get sick and need to go to the doctor or take more over the counter meds?

Do you do care of self once you are all wound up, crazy, overwhelmed or before you get to that point?

How much do you spend on your self care activities a month? Lets take a small look. If you go to the bar, have 2 beers at $4.00 each, 3 nights a week, thats a total of $24.00. Take Advil, vitamins, tums, icy hot every week, that may be about $25.00, retail therapy- $50.00, that’s cheap, work out dvd vs- gym membership $15.99, running shoes-$70-90, gas for boat $48.40, gas for motorcycle-$7.26.  that is a total of $240.00 already.

What if you get sick? do you have a co-pay of $25.00 per visit and $25.00 per script, that’s $50.00 Or are you like me, independent so I don’t have a co-pay, I get to pay for the full visit- $150.00 to see the Doctor, not to mention meds, ex-rays etc.

What are the side effects to some of these things? If I exercise, that is good for me, but I could get hurt, more doctors. Medications come with all kinds of side effects that are often worse than what you are taking them for. If I drink, I could have a large bar tab, become an alcoholic, drive impaired, etc. If I eat, I may gain weight… You get the picture.

Where can you go to get all this: Safe environment, boost immune system, pain relief, improve circulation, improve mood, lower blood pressure, lift depression, lift anxiety, increase mental clarity, increase mental focus, hour to self, relaxation, relieve stress, prevent injuries, restore strength, improve flexibility, improve range of motion, human contact, touch, relieve tight and sore muscles, aid in detoxification, increase health, decrease doctor visits, restore proper body function through your whole body and so much more.. How much would you pay for all this?

Massage can provide all this and more for only $75.00.  Plus you walk away feeling like a million bucks. How much of what you do does that for you? The new shoes, yeah I feel great, til I need the next great pair. Dinner, yeah I am full, satisfied, don’t feel like a million. How long does the good feeling last on those things you buy for $75.00? Is it fleeting or have long lasting effects?

Massage is about maintenance for your body. We maintain our cars, take them in for tune ups, oil changes, rotate tires. All this to help them run better, last longer and be more fuel efficient. Your body needs regular maintenance too, massage can help you function and feel better, maintain your health, keep your energy up and live longer. All for $75.00. The benefits of massage have long lasting effects also, you massage maintenance is cumlative. Where else can you get a deal like that? Can you  afford not to care for yourself with massage? So is massage really a luxury or is it a neccessity…