Our Massage Room

The goal of massage is to restore normal muscle tone, reduce stress and to produce a sense of well-being. Regular massage therapy promotes good health! Each session is specialized and specific to meet the needs of the individual.

Massage Rates:

Rates are subject to Minnesota sales tax
All massage sessions are $85.00 per 60 min, $125.00 per 90 min
Gift Certificates are available, cash and check accepted.
Prices may change and are subject to Minnesota Sales tax.

Areas of Speciality:

Roxann has extensive training in Orthopedic/Integrated Manual Therapy which is pain free, emphasis is placed on understanding both the injury and its rehabilitation criteria and incorporates elements of;

Myofascial release: Loosens adhesions with the fascia of the musculoskeletal system. Effective in relieving chronic pain issues.

Massage ServicesDeep tissue: Separates muscles to allow them to work separately and more efficiently. Stimulating the relaxation response, decrease muscle spasms, relieves pain, and increases range of motion, assists in injury rehabilitation.

Neuromuscular: Breaks the stress-tension-stress pain cycle and focuses on creating balance between the muscular and nervous system.

Swedish massage: Promotes overall relaxation through various hand manipulations. A light or deep pressure relaxes the muscles and improves circulation to the surface vessels. Swedish massage may include generalized relaxation, dissolution of soft tissue adhesions, and improve circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury.

Benefits of Massage:

The benefits of massage are many and proven to be effective. The key elements and goals of massage is to: restore, promote and enhance over all general health. Massage can alleviate specific problems or chronic conditions, support and enhance fitness. Massage can prevent and speed healing from general injuries or accidents, or sports injuries. Massage can relieve the effects of stress and aging, compliment other health care professionals and services. All persons regardless of age or ability can benefit from massage.