Well, today, sunday, is a new day. It started sunny and bright and ended that way. It was this way outside and inside my mind because I chose it to be.  This is a big world and I have one very small corner of it, so why not make that corner beautiful…..

Why not choose to see peace instead of something else? Whynot think that the world if FOR us, not against us? Why not do what works for you instead of comparing what you do vs- someone else? The is alot of people and business out there and people come to you based on how you do something vs-how someone else does it. Comparing only makes us feel small and inadequate.  There is always another way to look at things.

In this new day, I renew my commitment to myself and my loved ones to be myself and not someone else, after all that is who you all know is me, with all my quirks. I am thankful to the people and situations that provide me an opportunity to look at myself and keep me pure, me.  I am thankful to those who provide me the opportunity to look at the situation differently and to look for peace. It is all about choice, no mistakes, just feedback.

What will you be committed to today? What will you choose?

Thank you world.