I don’t know who is reading this, if anyone, but like everything, you just go ahead and do it anyway.

I started running again after 10 years of no running. It has been difficult and a long journey, very much like life. I thought I knew what I was doing since I have done it before. I have run two marathons and two halves. Well, that was when I was younger and this body is not the same. So is life, I have gotten to relearn many things along the way. Sometimes you think you know what you are doing, just to learn that the rules have changed, your body has changed or you are just not the same person.

In running, sometimes you get hurt. My legs are sore from running and the increase of miles. I have done my stretching, getting massage and alas, still sore. Life is like that to. Sometimes you get hurt, or you hurt others, even though you think you are doing all the right things.  Eventually in running, my body will adjust and the miles will go by with ease. So as in life, the things I do today will be accumulative and it will get easier. Writing this blog will get easier, running my business will get easier, committees will get easier, as will running.

In running, I need to adjust to the terrain and be flexible. Sometimes I run on a hard surface and other times on a trail. Sometimes I think I am going out for a short run and go long, and vice versa. Sometimes I am running with people and other times I am alone.  I am always with my mind, which sometimes is telling me I am doing great and other times, like this past weekend, it tells me how much the run sucks.

Life is full of the same challenges andrequires the same flexibility,  it becomes important in the training to train both the mind and the body. It is great to have a mantra for life and the run that keeps you focused,  upbeat and on course, one that gets you out there  each day. Having a mantra that gets you out of bed each day to start again, something that keeps the negative mind away.

I read somewhere that you do not become a good runner by running, you become a good runner because you have determination and perseverance. I think that is the same with life. I will add discipline to that formula too. To be a good person, business person, a good coach, a good massage therapist, wife, mother, etc. you need to have the disicipline to get up each day and start again. Determined to do the best you can and to persevere no matter what the trail has to offer. It is just running after all and it does get easier.