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Massage Therapy

Massage is an invitation to be in your body. Massage aims to restore normal muscle tone, reduce stress, and produce a sense of well-being. Massage therapy does this by manipulating the soft tissue of the body. Regular massage therapy promotes good health!

We use multiple massage/manual therapy techniques, such as; Swedish massage, myofascial massage, orthopedic massage, or neuromuscular massage. Each session is specialized and specific to meet the needs and interests of the client. All modalities have the emphasis on being pain-free.

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® offers supportive, hands-on techniques and dialogue to help build sensory awareness and reduce trauma symptoms. As you slow down, you learn to track your stress response and re-set your nervous system by tuning into the body’s innate wisdom. Harness the power of attention and intention: foster self-trust and build resiliency. Increase your capacity to regulate difficult emotions and gain greater confidence and freedom in your life.

Somatic experiencing is about building a container and allowing yourself to experience something different. Safely building capacity, collaboration, mindfulness, and body awareness!

Trauma-Informed Bodywork

Trauma-Informed Bodywork provides an opportunity to build sensory awareness through direct experience and helps a person experience a greater sense of connection. Sessions are collaborative, guided by the needs and interests of the client. Trauma-Informed bodywork does not have to include any hands-on work. Sessions might consist of discussion and exploration about resistance or aversion to touch, focusing on the body’s sensations and information/wisdom. Breathing, gentle movement, energy work, or self-touch may be used to reduce muscle tension, pain, anxiety, or other symptoms. Work can be done off the body or hands-on, fully clothed in a chair or on the table.

This type of work helps re-establish physical boundaries and provides a context for exploring preferences around things like proximity, pressure, and pacing. Working slowly and intentionally gives a person time and space to figure out what therapeutic approaches feel best. In the case of trauma or injury, some areas of the body might be hypersensitive to touch, while other parts might feel numb or disconnected. Giving voice to conflicting impulses in the body creates a sense of dynamic choice and promotes a sense of agency, making it easier to move through stuck places. The ability to better navigate sensory and emotional triggers increases the capacity for excitement, pleasure, relaxation, and comfort. Offer hope to make this healing journey!


Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that works with the body’s energy field.

As the harmonic flow of energy with the client and the practitioner is strengthened, healing occurs through the return of physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Somatic Coach

Somatic coaching is a form of body-centered coaching that looks at the connection of body and mind for holistic healing. It focuses on empowering the individual all along the way and using a combination of therapeutic movement, breathwork, dialogue, energy work, hands-on massage, homework, and more. Informed by Ontological Coaching, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing® (SE) social work, and massage, individualized programs help clients connect to personal motivations creating meaningful change in their personal lives, which affect all other aspects of their lives.

Certified Massage Therapist • Certified Trauma Touch Therapist • Somatic Experience Practioner • Certified Reiki Master • Hakomi Graduate • Certified Ontological Coach

Having Roxann work on your body is a heavenly treat, even when it is medically necessary. She knows how to make your muscles feel better, whether you have been in a car accident or recovering from cleaning your hardwood floors! You deserve some time on Roxann's massage table - do it.
Barbara H.

COVID-19 Pre-Screening

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If I have tested positive for Covid-19, have quarantined and recovered, I will have taken a Covid-19 test and have a negative result before going to the appointment.

If I have received vaccinations, I will provide vaccination dates to my practitioner at the time of appointment to be entered into my Health Chart.

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COVID-19 Information

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