The following are testimonials and reviews for Roxann Keyes and the Center for Life Design in Excelsior MN. If you would like to see some more, or would like any references, please use our contact form and contact us, or call today at: 612-270-6323. You can also review recommendations on Roxann’s LinkedIn Profile.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“Roxann is a professionally gifted massage therapist. She helps people of all ages work with and through their issues when it comes to muscle and body aches and pains, so they experience a better quality of life.

With Roxann, if you get the hour massage, you get a full 60 minutes of massage, not 42 minutes of massage and 18 minutes of hanging up your coat, taking off your shoes, getting settled in, etc.

Call Roxann today and get your body going in the right direction!!”

Patrick, Insurance Benefits Owner

“Roxann is an amazing massage therapist. She has a unique understanding of how the mind and body are connected, and a wide range of techniques to relieve physical tension and pain. She has a client-centered approach, allowing clients to tailor a session their particular needs, and a commitment to continued learning in her field. I’ve been a client regularly for over 5 years, and always leave her office feeling incredible.”

Amy, Grant Coordinator

“If you are looking for an awesome Massage Therapist-one who integrates all aspects of life into the healing process…look no further! Roxann is connected, detailed and in touch with all that shows up in our bodies. She has incredible experience in coaching, massage therapy and breath work-and she teaches her clients how to integrate life into living!”

Susan, Health and Safety Engineer

“Roxann applies both incredible skill and expert knowledge to assist her clients to achieve improved wellness. I am a regular consumer and have benefitted greatly from her kind and thoughtful approach as well as how she models her great love of learning. I highly recommend her as both a massage therapist and life coach.”

Kate, Individual and Family Therapist

“Roxann does a great job of being present to and respectful of her clients. She explains anything you ask her about, reminds you to give her feedback about your level of comfort, and always has the electric mattress pad turned to the perfect temperature-for which she is my hero.”

Kathleen, Implementation Coach

“Roxann is a skilled massage therapist, business owner and healing arts practitioner. She blends the art and science of her craft seamlessly into every aspect of her business. She is also very driven to provide high quality services, continually building her repertoire of specialized techniques.”

Joy, Wellness Program Manager

“Roxann is an excellent therapist! Her expertise is surpassed only by her passion for her art. She has advanced training in many techniques that allow her to care for a wide variety of individuals. I highly recommend Roxann and her work at Center for Life Design.”

Joel, Chiropractor

“I have had massages at different times over the last 25 years and Roxann is by far the BEST! Her energy to soothe and restore peace of mind and body are terrific. Her massages adapt to what you AND your body at each session. If you haven’t scheduled time with Roxann, you are missing out on the greatest gift to yourself!”

Wendy, Listing Coordinator

“Roxann is a Professional. She takes great pride in her work, and is genuinely interested in the well-being of her clients. I would recommend her to anyone that carries the “stresses of living” in their bodies because she can very skillfully release them.”

Dave, Project Manager

“I have known Roxann for several years, not only as a Massage Therapist, but in her previous employment also. Her positive attitude and willingness to listen are great attributes. She maintains a flexible schedule and truly cares for my well-being. I recently experienced a major surgery and she has worked through healing touch and massage to minimize the discomfort from the surgery, as well as the massive scarring. Her techniques and coaching have truly made a positive difference in the healing of my body and emotions.

Roxann is trained in multiple types of massage and by simply communicating your needs and wants to her, you will experience the best massage for you and your current needs.

I highly recommend Roxann. She will ‘design’ a massage session tailored just for you!”

Peggy, Software Support Agent

“Roxann is very professional. She fills out a client report everytime you visit her, she consults with you about past issues to find out how your body is functioning and she will incorporate the techniques required to get them functioning again or to work on any new body issues.After Shoulder surgery Roxann did more for my recovery then any PT did. Being a Massage Therapist myself she is the one I go too to get more ROM function and relaxtion.”

Carol, Massage Therapist

“I highly recommend Roxann – great massages, and she works with you to identify proactive measures you can take to prevent pain or tension. She cares about her clients and improving their quality of life.”

Pam, Network Solutions Consultant

“Roxann is a skilled therapist who observes the client’s response to massage. She expresses her observations to help the client be observant of patterns in chronic complaints and helps them be more aware of things that may trigger stress. She is skilled beyond the levels taught in her training; Holistic in her approach to each client as an individual. A meaningful experience for helping clients beyond the soft tissues of the body. Very intuitive!”

Bette Jo, Business Owner

“After knowing Roxann for a few years now, and after using her services, I can honestly say that not only is she a highly skilled massage therapist and coach, she is an absolutely laudable person to know and to work with. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of bodywork and is truly talented at listening to you and being able to recognize exactly what needs to be done.”

Alison, Marketing Coordinator