Let’s talk about breath.  As a massage therapist, when people come lay on my table I can tell what their breathing pattern is like. Are they breathing shallow, full belly breaths or some where in between. You may ask why is this important? Good question. There are several reasons why how you take a breath is important. From a body, muscular aspect; if you are breathing shallow, meaning your tummy and chest is not moving, you are actually using your auxiliary muscles to breath. Those muscles are located in your neck. Using these muscles to breathe, can cause them to be over used, stressed and tight, which only adds to the tension in your neck, shoulders and head. Any muscle that attaches your head to the rest of your body is a potential headache muscle.

This kind of breathing makes it look like you are holding your breath. We have a saying in massage; “hold your breath, hold the pain”. Holding your breath can make your bodywork more painful and your life. When you do not get enough oxygen to your cells, brain and muscles, you are not operating at your best. You lack clarity, ability to make decisions, energy is low and you may feel tired and clumsy.  Emotional stress rises, along with anxiety and physical stress. All things that I see an increase in these days in my office with clients. So breathing is life sustaining and very important. A good body breath should fill and move both your chest and your tummy. You can check yourself easily, by placing one hand on your chest and one hand on your tummy to see what moves, then make adjustments from there.

The is another form of breath that is equally important, this is the Higher Mind Breath. It is a specific breath technology developed by a woman from Australia. This breath is not a body breath, but a mind breath. It is a three part breath that dissolves the unconscious. What is the unconscious? All that negativity in your head, and life. The negativity  that you say about yourself, others and what others say about you. This negativity is called the negative mind. The negative mind tells you all that your are not. This specific breath, brings you back to your core which is love and self-acceptance. In doing this breath you will operate from a place of love and wisdom.

If you would like to learn more about breathing and the Higher Mind Breath, give me a call and set up an appointment. I would love to hear from you.

In the mean time, have a great day and keep breathing deep.